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When audience insights leads to new audience identification

A major producer of men’s grooming products traditionally aimed their products towards older men from various income levels, and they wanted additional insights to further refine their online targeting.


Cadreon needed to validate the brand’s audience and find additional insights to enhance targeting. The brand wanted to know the types of audiences that were engaging and purchasing products from their website.


Cadreon utilized 1st party data gathered from uTag to pixel the site pages, and overlaid it with third party data to understand the demographics, psychographic and behaviors of those who visited the brand website.


– Build audience insights: Cadreon analytics revealed that the products were attracting a completely different demographic. The target audiences were actually younger affluent men, rather than older men from various income levels.
– Boost site conversions by refining targeting: the analytics revealed that certain demographics, Hispanics and African Americans, visited the homepage, but did not move through the purchase journey.
– Increase campaign effectiveness and audience engagement: the brand changed the website and advertising creatives so that they’re geared towards younger men of various ethnicities and encourage them to purchase the products.