Identifying and validating specific audiences for marketing activities.


    Examining exactly who is receiving impressions from a given campaign and analyzing their match against the campaign’s audience profiles


    Purchasing impressions in real-time on the open market against only the audiences desired by a particular campaign. Constant testing and learning drives increasing efficiency.

Cadreon merges multiple data sources into a single platform

As an example, if we can reliably identify that a particular user is looking to purchase a new car (through an amalgamation of data sets, behavioural profiling and existing client profiling) then whether they see your communication on a car review website, a shopping website or indeed a news or sporting website should not matter.

Cadreon can pin-point this target audience and by placing a compelling offer or piece of communication in front of the user, our ads will be more relevant and reduce wastage; significantly increasing the campaign results from your digital media investment.

Controlled testing outside of this initial target audience profile gives us the opportunity to uncover and exploit new audiences and customers; the learnings from which can be fed into both Cadreon and into the broader media and marketing efforts.