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Combining the power of programmatic with the reach of TV

One of the leaders in the automotive space was relaunching a midsize car and were looking to generate mass awareness on a constrained launch budget. The strategy and planning teams needed to be creative in defining a laser-targeted media plan, using data to eliminate waste and increase reach and brand lift with their selected target: hard working consumers who are social, digital and always on the go whether for business or pleasure.


The brand wanted to find a way to connect with a target that’s often too difficult to reach in the TV space. Cadreon needed to increase awareness, purchase consideration, and ultimately sales with a limited campaign budget.


– Cadreon Advanced TV platform allowed for cross-platform media planning, optimization and reporting in one single place, improving operational efficiency and maximizing the ROI.
– Proprietary tools were used to calculate the reach and effective CPM to reach the specific target, going beyond age/gender demographics (A25-54) to prove the efficiency and effectiveness of the Advanced TV buying approach.
– Post-impression surveys were implemented to determine brand lifts, lifts in aided awareness, and increase in favorable opinion towards the car.


– 12% lower CPP delivered through Programmatic Buy against A25-54.
– 18% lower effective CPM delivered against the archetype target vs. the traditional broadcast buy.
– 37% increase in reach against the archetype target.
– Delivered 24% more GRPs programmatically vs. a traditional broadcast buy.
– Programmatic TV buy resulted in a 6% increase in Aided Awareness and 7% increase in Favorable Opinion of the Chrysler 200.
– Insight Express study identified networks that offered higher purchase intent scores.