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Combining the power of digital and out-of-home advertising to reach a dynamic audience

A major automotive company had a car geared towards younger drivers, and they wanted to get their message to these specific audiences. Their campaign already had a heavy online presence across social, video and display, but they wanted to enhance reach to young drivers as they moved through metropolitans and high density shopping areas.


The brand wanted to reach young drivers on the go, but the budget couldn’t justify the traditional methods of buying out-of-home advertising. There was too much waste occurring during the times that target audiences were consumed with other devices. The out-of-home campaign strategy had to match the dynamic youth by becoming a more dynamic medium.


– Cadreon brought programmatic buying to out-of-home, something that had never been done before. They created the first digital-out-of-home (DOOH) programmatic exchange to sell inventory panel-by-panel in a real-time biddable fashion.
– Cadreon was able to analyze the out-of-home campaigns the same way as the online campaigns, and optimize across all channels in real time.
– The team could efficiently and accurately reach their target audience while they were at the office, at home or in a shopping center.


– Through the use of programmatic, Cadreon was able to purchase the DOOH media at a much more cost-efficient rate compared to traditional purchasing methods.
– The combination of digital and DOOH advertising allowed the client to reach their target audience irrelevant of their daily activities. DOOH advertising drove an incremental 27% reach for the entire digital campaign.
– Cadreon successfully executed the first ever programmatically bought out-of-home campaign, laying the groundwork for future advertisers to build on the success.