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A multi-strategy campaign to pinpoint the right audience and prevent market cannibalization

Unilever’s Dove Women needed a better method of delivering ads and maximizing reach. They decided to explore Programmatic in a new market and partner with Cadreon on a campaign.


Dove Women wanted to maximize reach and viewability towards their target audience in a cost effective manner. The challenge was to precisely target the brand consumers, since it represented 25% of the total digital audience. Dove Women also needed to differentiate territories from Rexona, another local Unilever brand with the exact same demographic target to prevent market cannibalization.


Cadreon developed a complex audience building strategy to pinpoint and target the right audience. Cadreon Utilized 3rd party data, contextual targeting, remarketing and negative targeting to position relevant messages, retarget users, and avoid message overlap with Rexona.


29% lower CPM than target rates.
34-43% greater viewability rate compared to other media buys.