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Track sales and deliver online reservations at scale across six countries

Langham Hotel Group, a well established luxury hotel operator, was looking to increase their online bookings through digital advertising. Langham wanted a solution that was not only cost effective, but also scalable across multiple countries.


Cadreon needed to track sales and deliver online reservations at scale across six countries. Besides setting a low target CPA, Cadreon also needed to track sales value and improve online profitability to ensure a strong ROI.


– The site was tagged with Cadreon uTag pixels to capture sales data and optimize towards high value users.
– Cadreon analyzed consumers’ website behavior and booking engine abandonment and conducted look alike modeling to profile the most valuable consumers.
– Third-party verification was used to reach these profiles and ensure ads were served to real users in order to maximize the return on ad spend. Cadreon utilized eDM retargeting to capture users who had high propensity to convert.


2.72% conversion rate.
26% reduction in CPA.
16X increase in ROI.