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Maximizing audience engagement across multiple channels

For generations, Johnson’s Baby has been a brand that parents trust to provide them with safe products for their children. Their annual Johnson’s Baby of the Year contest aims to drive engagement with mothers, and the goal for 2014 was to make the contest “bigger and better” by increasing online participation in the awards program.


Johnson’s Baby wanted to maximize engagement through video and display ads in a cost effective manner. Cadreon needed to show that Cadreon Video inventory is comparable, if not better, than YouTube in terms of delivering cost effective reach, and effective completion rates.


Cadreon deployed a branding campaign to target customers with affinity to Johnson’s baby product. By running a mix of video and display ads, Cadreon sought for engagement across all data points, and concentrated the optimization efforts towards finding highly qualified consumers and driving participation while reducing impression waste.


391% increase in online participation.
49% greater view rate compared to YouTube videos, with a lower budget.