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Using programmatic to reach residents in high-risk areas

The Rural Fire Service department of the NSW government needed a way to quickly and effectively alert the public of fire risks and prevent potential tragedies. They wanted to try programmatic buying to serve highly relevant impressions to key high risk suburbs.


Bushfires cause billions of dollars in damage and fatalities every summer in New South Wales (NSW). In 2013, bush fires burned 768,000 hectares of land and destroyed 279 homes. The campaign objective was to alert residents of fire risks and ensure awareness of safety measures. A key challenge was to make sure that the messaging was highly targeted to specific areas so as not to cause undue alarm. The campaign also needed to encourage downloads of the survival kit and survival mobile application.


Cadreon developed a custom dashboard to sync directly to the rural fire service website and update accordingly when a fire warning was listed. When the website identified a fire warning, the ad placement for that region immediately increased its bid programmatically, ensuring a target-specific message.


59% conversion rate within one week.
2.83 million people reached throughout the campaign.
73% of the high-risk Blue Mountain population saw the messaging.