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Conquesting to increase conversions and site traffic

A Canadian toy company wanted to establish their dolls in the Canadian market, but was competing against a very popular American toy. The brand wanted to distinguish themselves as a Canadian-centric brand by providing dolls that promote fun play, a healthy lifestyle and Canadian pride.


The brand had several goals: reach the mothers of young daughters, brand their dolls’ key differentiators, and drive sales through their website. Cadreon needed to create a strategy that would achieve all of these goals as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


Cadreon deployed a strategy that included multiple tactics, each tasked with a specific outcome to meet campaign goals:
– Seeking engagement across multiple data points, and allocation of efforts on most relevant impressions (mothers with young daughters).
– Conquesting the competitor’s audience by placing impressions in relevant content.
– Maximize conversions via retargeting by taking advantage of quality traffic being pushed to the advertiser’s website.


25% increase in site traffic.
33% increase in conversations.