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Developing an algorithmic, multi-touch attribution model to maximize brand opportunity

Today’s travelers may visit a variety of sites multiple times to compare rates, flight availability and other variables before purchasing the ticket. The ability to accurately measure and assess each interaction is critical to achieve brand consideration, and ultimately drive sales. A leading international airline challenged Cadreon to understand the purchase path to maximize every brand opportunity.


Digital has enhanced the opportunity for brands to connect with consumers at the moments that matter, across an array of platforms, screens, and devices. However, in this fragmented ecosystem, being able to accurately measure the impact of each campaign tactic in the overall path to purchase requires a complex attribution model.


Cadreon developed an algorithmic, multi-touch attribution model that was able to calculate the exact credit that should be assigned to each campaign tactic depending on the relative impact it had on the final sale. To test the accuracy, Cadreon conducted an A/B testing comparing standard optimization against the multi-touch attribution, the results were spectacular.


30% reduction in CPA using the multi-touch attribution method.
50% more conversions with the attribution model compared to the campaign manager with same budget.