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De-duplicating audiences with cross-media planning

Boston Pizza in Canada focused their online campaigns on Display and Search, but didn’t de-duplicate search and display actions to prevent paying for the same audiences/sales multiple times. They needed to find a way to accurately track and credit their online banner ads so that they could improve their ROAS, and efficiently reach new customers and retarget potential customers.


Cadreon needed to develop a multi-channel campaign to reach potential customers, while preventing duplication of online orders and ensuring that each channel is credited accordingly.


Since the Boston Pizza website is dynamic by nature, Cadreon defined a comprehensive tagging structure through Cadreon uTag pixels that allowed the team to identify banners that had the highest online order values, and optimized towards them. Integrated 1st and 3rd party data was combined with behavioral and contextual information, postal codes and city level geo-targeting to ensure ads were served within close proximity to Boston Pizza locations. The team ran 1st party data (previous converters) against 3rd party data identifying consumer profiles to conduct look alike modeling. The campaign ran across multiple channels such as: social (FBX), mobile, and display to ensure reach of potential converters across all devices and channels.


– Cadreon reduced eCPA by 20% within three quarters.
– De-duplication efforts led to a greater yearly ROAS, maximizing budget by 15%