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Integrating abandonment as part of the purchase funnel

A leading postal service company with a diversified product offering had high rates of site abandonment and wanted to re-engage with customers and drive them back to their site to complete their purchases.


The postal service company needed to re-message users who visited the online shop and viewed the range of gifts and collectables. Cadreon needed to drive users back to the website to purchase the products they viewed.


Cadreon integrated site abandonment as part of the purchase funnel to keep the brand and its products at the top of shoppers’ minds. Through the use of data feed we dynamically updated both standard and Facebook ads in real time displaying:
– Last product viewed
– Products added to basket but not purchased
– Recommendations for similar products
Ads dynamically updated relevant product information such as name, price, image and destination URL to drive users to the exact product they showed interest in.


– 77% reduction in CPA and 100% uplift in CTR compared with prospecting.
– 50% reduction in CPA and 11% uplift in CTR compared with standard retargeting.
– 68% reduction in CPA from dynamic FBX ads versus standard FBX ads.