What Cadreon can do

Our clients have so far used Cadreon in the
following ways:

  • Help them identify and reach the right audience

  • Flight against very specific timings, with either a broad or narrow reach

  • Optimize campaigns on the fly, with the metrics that matter

  • Measure offline sales impact

  • Deliver insights that consistently increase performance and drive growth

  • Leverage multiple data partners

  • Drive impressive ROI

  • Delve into the behaviours of your most receptive and profitable customers through sophisticated profiling tools and complement consumer research efforts with fact-based data

  • Analyse multiple data points beyond the core audiences, uncovering new targets to reach and exploit

  • Feed new audience insight back into overall target audience segmentation, media targeting and creative execution/messaging

As a result, Cadreon can tailor campaigns to suit the objectives of any individual client.

What Cadreon can do